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Inshallah Sings 2 - CD

Inshallah Sings 2 - CD

  1. Aleluya Y'In Oluwa Nigeria 1:32
  2. Uyai Mose/God Welcomes All South Africa 2:48
  3. Bless the Lord, My Soul Taize, France 2:30
  4. Feuilles-O (Kyrie) Haiti/Canada 3:06
  5. Utukufu Kenya 1:30
  6. Aleluia! Cristo Resucitó Dominican Republic 4:13
  7. For the Troubles and the Sufferings of the World Brazil 1:50
  8. Woza nomthwalo wakho South Africa 2:36
  9. Santo, Santo, Santo, Santo El Salvador 1:52
  10. To You, O God, I Lift Up My Soul United States 2:35
  11. Hamba Nathi South Africa 3:46
  12. Praise, Praise, Praise the Lord Cameroon 2:59
  13. Our Father, Who Is in Heaven Cambodia 3:04
  14. Salaam Aleikum Ghana 1:44
  15. Draw the Circle Wide Canada 3:04


Founded in the fall of 2007 by Debbie Lou Ludolph at Waterloo Lutheran Seminary, Inshallah has grown from twenty to ninety singers who come from both WLS and the greater ecumenical community. The choir is committed to singing songs from faith communities around the world and to understanding the contexts from which these songs originate. Choir members find that singing global song is a joy-filled, spiritually enriching experience, and speak movingly of personal renewal, an enlarged world-view, and an emboldened sense of advocacy and mission. Inshallah is part of the work of the Kanata Centre for Worship and Global Song.

Debbie Lou Ludolph, Director

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